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I was fortunate enough to see Celine's show in Las Vegas on March 25th and 26th.
I'd like to share these pictures I took around Caesars Palace. Let me know if you enjoyed them!

Inside the Collosseum, Celine Store and Caesars Palace

Celine Parfum Ad Inside of Collosseum
Celine Caesars Sign at Night
Picture of Elise After Show..Not such a good pic!
Box Office in Caesars
Celine Sign in Daylight
Close up of Celine Sign in Daylight
Candles sold in Celine Store
Canvas Pictures in Celine Store
Celine Music Boxes
Framed Picture of Celine For Sale
Celine Window Display
Celine Sign Inside of Caesars
Huge A New Day... Poster
Celine Dion Socks!
Videos Playing above Celine Store
Parfum in Store
Celine Parfum Window Display
Inside of Store
Inside of Store Again
Celine Dion Store Sign
Side View of Inside of Store
Another Side View of Store
Another Picture of A New Day... Poster
Gorgeous Chrysler Picture of Celine Inside of Collosseum
"Posters"/Flags of A New Day
Picture of Collosseum

Some Items That Can be Purchased at Celine's Store

8 x 10 Celine Picture $2.00
8 x 10 Celine Picture # 2 $2.00
8 x 10 Celine Picture # 3 $2.00
Celine Postcard $0.75
Celine Postcard #2 $0.75
Black Celine Logo Cup $8.00
Bag You Get When You Buy Something From the Store
Blue Glittery Celine Logo Keychain $8.00

Things You Can Buy Inside Collosseum

This is a cup you get when you order a drink from Celine's bar inside the Collosseum
Celine Water Bottle! $4.00

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