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Welcome to the Dead II Me site!

Thanks to all three people who happened to be at SoundWaves on Friday the 13th for our first, and probably last, trip there. We will definatly be hoping we can get back there though because we really like playing no name places that are frequented by vurtually no one! Thanks again to Frank and all the staff at WoodenWaves and SoundWaves. We really appreciated your pity claps!

Dead II Me invites you to check out our new sucky-ass MP3ís at this link.

Please send any and all feedback to us, although if you send us negative feedback we will probably just act as though we never got it. Instead we will choose to believe the spoonfed compliments that our friends give us because they feel bad for us. here.

We want to say a special THANKS to Danny at SoundMine Studios! Danny and the studio kick some major-league ASS! They were even able to make us some somewhat decent....and you know how bad we suck balls!

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Dead II Me is (shitty...and):

gary - cheesecakes

dave - donuts

porter - chickenwings

rob - pork rinds

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