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I heard of dead by day through a ad in the magazine revolver with free cd i didnt want to pass up the offer and i didnt expect much but boy was i wrong i downloaded legion of the damned in 5 minutes and put on my earphones i opened the song and let it play my jaw literally drop the music pounded into my head so i couldnt forget it the lyrics like a vine wrapped around my brain the voice was hypnotic i thought that they were better than either rammestien or slipknot but then again dead by day is a whole new type of band it is simply a scarefest combining music and horror i downloaded the rest of the songs and made copies of the disc and passed them out all my friends bassicaly said the same thing either where the f*ck did you find them or holy f*cking sh*t one of my friends could not get the song out of his head after listening to it for the first time i recommend checking them out and please email me your opinion i will post comments

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Dead By Day
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