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Welcome to JT's Audio Dump

You stumbled upon JT's Audio Dump, a compilation of Julien Thomas' outstanding audio creations from the early 90's, when he was a schoolboy yet. If there's nothing you would really like to play backwards and if you are no glutton to strange experimental sounds, you better leave this location immediately...


Electret micros! Tapedecks!
Analog effects! Studio'90 audio mixer!
...and the fabulous C64 instead of expensive synthesizer stuff...!

 Original comments:
"That's alternative from concept, eh?"
"Drugs don't work!"
"He did it"

#01 Intro
#02 Olimpia
#03 High Byte
#04 Erich+Egon
#05 Link
#06 BSA-Rap
#07 Szenario 1999
#08 Revolt 2000
#09 Evil Ninja
#10 Hollow Solvent Trip
#11 Reversed 4th
#12 Nutmeg
#13 Chaos Survives

BONUS - "Piescherstrudel"

1992 remote control
strontium 90

Even more Experimental !

...ransacked the "unlabelled compact cassettes"...


Some early attempts to write a rock ballad
performed by the famous swiss rock band CAROL
lyrics by jt - live recording

Changed My Mind.mp3


Legal Stuff
All the acoustic material available at this site is the intellectual property of Julien Thomas, explicitly "free for all".
The low-rate MP3s were encoded with freeware LAME3.92 for faster downloads (just about 1 MB each).

© Julien Thomas - last revision: 9/2005