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This is me.....

A bit about me
I grew up in a loving family, with 4 brothers and 6 sisters.

My parents, Frans Jozua Patty and Wilhelmina Doortje Patty-Noya,
were born in the Moluccan, which is a part of Indonesia.
They were forced to move to the Netherlands during a civil war,
and managed to raise us in a loving and caring enviroment.

Music was always an important part of my life.
My parents were always busy in the church choir, and taught us how to sing in harmony.
My mother bought me a ukelele once, and that was the start of my playing the guitar.
My brothers and sisters really loved music,
and that’s the reason we started our first band, called PatNora.
We did win a contest with it once, and that filled our parents with so much joy and pride.
They have always encouraged us to sing and play,
and are the first ones responsible for bringing me where I am now.

When we grew up, I started getting more and more interested in playing the guitar,
and that brought me into another band, called Shamrock.
I was the solo guitarist, and that’s where I met my wife, who did sing in this band.
We have been together since 1983 and have 2 adorable and loving kids,
the Pride and Joy of our lives.

We played all kinds of music there, but mostly country rock
The longer I was in that band, the more I began to sing, and they all encouraged me to sing even more.
But from the moment our band split up (after our second child was born),
I was free to do what I loved the most at that moment, and that was singing.
I continued playing my guitar with some other people in different bands,
but was looking for a way to just sing.
My first “solo performance” was organised by a friend of mine,
and I can’t tell you how nervous I was, because I am actually very shy.
But it was a huge success, and many evenings followed that one.
I love to sing, and share it with you all !!

Facts about Jay

Full Name : Joop Patty
Height : 1.74
Born in : Vught, Netherlands
Born on : April 14th, 1957
Colour Eyes : Brown
Colour hair : Black
Employment : Work in an elementary school
Hobbies : Singing and performing on Second Life (known as JayP Burnstein)
, on Paltalk (Moluccan Voice), Playing guitar,
and Sing wherever I can

For info and cd's contact: or ask Sterra Burnstein on Second Life.
Ofcourse you can also ask our dear and loyal friend Evie a.k.a. EvieC Bravin on SL

You can find me : singing on Second Life almost every night (JayP Burnstein)

, or paltalk( Moluccan Voice )
or in the best karaokechannel on Mirc (nick countryJ)
( server Infomatrix ; channel #karaoke-realm )
If you want to join, check out our forum on the net first :

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