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Q Strange started rapping back in 1988 under the alias of MC Snow. He was young at the time and didn't take his music very seriously at all. By 1992 he had adopted the name Mista Jinx and started rapping more seriously and putting effort and hard work into his music with the support of his family and friends, and even managed to hook up with some local R&B singers.

By 1995 Mista Jinx hooked up with a group of producers and MC's named JD and Mo Dukes to form 3rd Floor Productions and the group known as Illriginal. They released some songs locally on 12", which sold out quickly and are no longer in existence. With the group Illriginal Q played local shows and opened up for many famous groups and artists today like The Wu-Tang Clan and Cage.

In 1997 the group of JD, Mo Dukes and Mista Jinx were beginning to get bored with their music and tragically Mo Dukes died suddenly at a young age, bringing the end of Illriginal and 3rd Floor Productions. Q Strange wanted to do something new with his music and decided to change his whole style from hip-hop to murderous and sick music and drop the name Mista Jinx for the new alias, Q Strange.

In 1998 Q Strange hooked up with Hex of the group L.U. Cipha who had heard his tape and was feeling his music. Hex decided to record a song with Q Strange called Verbal Mutilations and put it on his solo release Lyrikillz. By this time Q Strange was starting to get a bigger fanbase from Hex's promotion and Slowkill and a girl named Jill who hooked him up with a website.

Around the same time as Lyrikillz Q Strange released his first album called Decayed Thoughts and it sold suprisingly well for an EP of horrorcore music at the time. Q Strange used the money to get better equipment and production for his next album that the world would come to know as Creation To ExeQtion.

In 2000 Q Strange dropped Creation To ExeQtion on the world and to his surprise it sold amazingly well for a horrorcore album and it seemed as if his fanbase kept growing and growing as the album sold and sold topping's charts for month after month as the #1 seller.

Coming into 2003 Q Strange released his new album Strangeland which is to date his best work and an all around emotional journey into his life and the strange events within. Q Strange has many albums planned for 2003 and the years after including the release of all his old material and rare songs in a two-disc set called Cutting Room Floor. Q Strange has big plans for 2003 and only time will tell what becomes of the horrorcore phenom as he continues his journey in the rap game.

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