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“How do you talk to an angel?
It’s like trying to catch a falling star…”

He pressed the knife to his wrist.
“Maybe I’ll go some place better?”

“Maybe I won’t have to deal with people who trash you or beat you just to make themselves feel better.”

Looking into the mirror behind him he stared at the amber eyes reflected in the glass like two gentle ponds. They showed everything about him but happiness. With a sigh he put the knife down and held himself. Each sob shaking his frail shoulders. Standing up he looked into the night. An ocean of black looked back at him. He wished more then anything right then that he could just dive into it and leave all his problems behind. Swim deeper and deeper till his lungs burst.

“Things are seldom that easy.” He softly muttered.

The wind caressed his dark hair and sent a shiver up his spine. Leaning out the window he took in the view of a city buzzing with life. The music of life all around him.

“Maybe I’ll go for a walk to get my mind off everything”

Slipping on an old blue jacket that hid his small frame and protected him from the icy windblasts. He stalked out of the house.

His mind wandered as he walked an eternity up and down the streets, not noticing anything but the mixed drone of conversations all around and the harsh glow of lights from passing cars.

Perhaps if he’d been paying attention he would have avoided everything. Realized there was plenty to live for and had a better life. Perhaps…

He never saw the kid walk out in front of him. There wasn’t even time to register that he needed to hit the brakes. He was to busy looking in the rear view mirror at the passenger that hadn’t been in his back seat moment before. Man or woman he wasn’t sure. It was androgynously beautiful with long chestnut hair, red lips and creamy clear skin.

The eyes. The eyes were what bothered him and made his blood freeze and seemingly stop pumping. It had coal black eyes that noticed everything, but at the time were fixated on him. Just him.

“James, don’t slow down now. Were right on time. He’s expecting us”

James barely nodded and pressed his foot harder onto the accelerator. The car lurched forward hitting over one hundred. He didn’t know how (or care for that matter) how he avoided hitting everything else; the only thing he knew was that he was making good time. And that’s all that mattered right? Making sure he got where he needed to be.

“Mind if I smoke?” The musical voice said from the back.

He wasn’t sure if he said anything but the next thing he smelled was smoke and something else?

Cookies? He thought.

The world blurred past him in green, yellows and every other color he could think of.


A pair of eyes matching the sky saw everything. The boy. The car. Especially the passenger Mr. Murphy had unwittingly picked up. His long coat blew in the breeze making shadows dance on the walls behind him and setting the night into motion. Shaking his head he leapt from roof and into the alley below.

It smiled back at him in the mirror red lips coming apart to show brilliantly white teeth. With a quick flip of its head it sent it’s hair flowing like a stream behind it.

“Wha…what are you?”

“Me? Just your friendly neighborhood…”

But whatever it said was drowned out by the tidal wave of screams every soul on the street let loose.

Blue jacket clinging to him like a friend sad to see him go, he looked up to the sea above him for comfort not realizing where he stopped.

The sheer amount of screams made him look everywhere to see what the problem was. Is something wrong? Maybe some one got mugged. But that wouldn’t create the pandemonium generated now; he thought. Then he saw it. The steel beast with huge glowing eyes. Eyes swallowing him up faster and faster. There wasn’t time to react. He thought of everything he’d done and how he wished he still had time to fix his life up. A tear cascaded down his cheek and balanced on the tip of his nose.

Mr. Murphy screamed into the mirror as it spread black wings that filled the car, filled his mouth, his nose, suffocating him in a world of dark feathers.

There’s no reason to why he should save that kid. He was just another junkie and wouldn’t help him get back to were he came from. But something about the situation called to him. Maybe cause he’d been in the same predicament. Wandering mindlessly not knowing why he was here. Running across the street in a blur of black and white he threw the kid onto the sidewalk behind him out of harms way. Just in time for the car to come screaming into him.

The sound of metal smashing and people screaming filled his ears and made him lurch forward onto his knees. It was too much. Far too much. His head swam and swirled like a carousel out of control. Silence. Pure, clean silence suddenly took over the noise that thundered before. Looking around not an eye before him wasn’t tuned into where he was now standing. Their thoughts battered him.

“How can he be standing…”

“…some kind of freak”

“How’d he do that?”

“by the grace of god”

A toothy smile escaped his mouth. Grace of god? Sure. Why not. He stood up like a phoenix, the fire from the exploded gas tank licking at his coat not leaving so much as a singe. The junkie kid was fine but that was the least of his worries. He closed his eyes and scanned the area for who had been in the car with the Murphy fellow.

There. Above him. His gaze wandered and zeroed on a lone figure balanced on the street lamp smiling at him.

He sat looking at the wreckage below. All the people running towards the car or a phone to help the poor James Murphy safety tucked away in his burning tomb. Shrugging he took another puff on the cigarette. He’d gotten who he came for. The kid wasn’t due till next week any way. He’d walk into the party he was throwing being patted on the back and retelling the story of how he was saved by the devil himself. He'll take a long sniff of the white powder on the mirror. And shut those amber eyes for the last time. His buddies won't even notice they’re so stoned.

Smirking he looked down at Mr. Hero.

“Now…why would you go and do a thing like that!? Most of L.A. is going to spread the story of the man who got hit by a speeding car, blown up in an explosion and walked away to talk to a light pole.”

Frowning he watches Mr. Hero walk into the alley disappear with the shadows.

A shudder escaping his pale shoulders he looks into the sky.

“Hate when he does that.”

With a scowl he flicks what’s remaining of his cigarette into the unlit fuel on the road. Lighting the rest of the street with fire and the music of screams he spreads wings blacker then night and bounds into the sky without so much as a sound.

“Bull shit! Nobody! I mean nobody takes a hit from a car and lives!”

“Well e did Carl! Onest I saw it wit me own to eyes!”

“Fucking mick….” He grumbled. “Lemme sleep then in the morning you can make shit up all you want. But till then I DON’T GIVE A GODDAMN RATS ASS!”

“But it’s not shite! I swear it…” A punch hard enough to break the bones in his jaw sent him spiraling into the trashcan next to his bed. He landed with a muffled cry and lay still.

Lying on his back he could see most of the sky. Well, what wasn’t covered up by clothes on the maze of wire strung between the two buildings.

“Yeah Kyle I had it all once. A house, a wife, even a little boy. But you can only beat some one, one too many times till your sued for everything including the shirt on you back and thrown out on your ass kid.”

Licking the blood of his knuckles he imagined smashing Kyle’s skull into the wall.

“But whatever right? You gotta live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy.”

He sat up blinking till his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Pulling off one of the wires he sent clothes falling like an avalanche of fresh smelling peace around him into a pile that was warm to the touch.

“Yes sir you gotta make life work for you Kyle!” Carl said as he slipped on a white pair of khaki pants over his tanned legs.

He walked away throwing on a “new” green shirt that read “Lick me I’m polish”

Kyle looked as if he were dancing in mid air, as the wire that held clothes before it held him kept his feet from touching the ground. With a last gurgled cry his eyes bulged red and he swung still in the night’s breeze…

“Excellent, excellent. He will do just nicely.” A sweet voice whispered in front of Kyle’s bloated body.