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Daily thoughts------------
I just woke up a little while ago from a very odd dream that I had. It was extreamlly real and felt like I was lucid dreaming . It gave me a great idea for a story though. I'll probablly start on that later on.

I'm trying to stay out of everyones business lately. It seems like Xanga has turned into more of a battle field then a journal site. I've come to believe it's not a journal for most people any more but one of those Rant sections in a newspaper where every one can put in their two cents about everything and slander each other anonymously, Unfortunately not everyone can remain anonyamous due to the fact that every one knows every on there.
      It's my belief that they can bitch about anything on there. Of course I'm a hypocrite because I have my own xanga on there. I havn't used it in a while because I'm trying to focus on at least making this site somewhat presentable. So far all I have are some old quotes and one story that I wrote last year. Which it isn't bad. But it's not good. Or remotely finished.
      I stopped by Jamie and Dominicks last night to see whats going on. It had been quite a while since I was over there but Jamie made me food just like she used to and we talked an joked with out missing a beat. I got to see Dominick again which was pretty awesome. Yeha but I had to leave cause Dustin didn't really look like he was having a blast and I wouldn't want to be at a strangers house myself.
      We came back and watched Ghost in the shell. An awesome anime that gave me some great story ideas and concepts to work with. Jason came over later on and we played some DDR and I talked to Meredith for a bit. She asked me how I was doing after the other night. I couldn't really think of a good response because I was torn. I know warren will be alright physically. He's tough as hell. But I doubt everything in general is going to be okay. I felt like I was kid and I was trying to eaves drop on my parents hoping they would divulge parental secrets and treasure. Only it went terribly wrong.