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"If he weren't like, six, I'd KILL HIM!!!" - Pete Drauden

The key is not love nor hate...but indifference." - Pete Drauden

" might not wanna say that. It makes YOU SOUND GAYER THEN HELL!!!" - Pete Drauden

"Cake or death?" - Eddie Izzard

"You know the after taste of Gardettos tastes like spaghetio's..." - Bill Dean

"I like cake." - Ed Havenhill

"Good point, and it was shitty, but i didn't realize anything could be shittier than master of disguise, at least without breaking newton's first law of physics" - Bill Dean

"FUCK YOU BACK!" - Bill Dean

"Know what the great thing about christmas is? You get presents for someone else's birthday" - Pete Drauden

"I'm having a senor moment!" - Meredith Kachel

"Either i pretend to be cool and have some form of a social life or i realize that i don't and make my own with legos and and my sisters barbies" - Jesse Rogers

"As our quarters combine we make PURE EVIL!" - Bill Dean

"Hey how about we go get Dan and ruin the whole afternoon guys!" - Bill Dean

"They eat at you from inside with there giant smiles..." - Emily Dow

"It's so pointless..but I love it." - Mario Sanchez Diaz"

"You can call me anything, Hey you in the bushes, Put that back, that's it i'm calling the cops...." - Mike Lifka

"I'll get seven, burn six and read the last one!" - Bill Dean

"I couldnt be ghetto for all the drive-bys in Harlem." - Emily Dow

"Wouldn't have believed it without the beaten panda....but welcome back." - Bill Dean

"This does not bode well for santa..." - Bill Dean

"Can't kill whats already think about that has sex change to become think about that one too." - Pete Beechen

"Get busy living or get busy dying." - Andy Dufresne

"OOOOKKK that did it for me, I'm outa here..." Eric Thorsen

"I'd say see you later...but I probably never will." - Kevin Roof

"Seriously it's like her head took a shit." - Meredith Kachell

"I wanted to punch him and hug him at the same I did and there was a mad frenzy of love and pain." - Eric Thorsen

"Lets have oral sex like freshman on coccaine." - Jackson Meeker

"Medicine makes me tired and crazy and tired and I feel like screaming really loud and running around in my underwear, then passing out in a big pool full of rose petals." - Liz Gallik

"A heretic is a someone who see's with there own eye's" - Unknown

"I hate anything remotely artistic, cause it hates me." - Bill Dean

"The other day I saw a man across the street with a magnum to his head. I yelled accross to him "Why don't you pull the trigger!" He yelled something back. But it was hard to hear over the gun shot. Damn magnums are loud." - Kevin Roof

"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music" - George Carlin

"If I die before my cat, I want a little of my ashes put in his food so I can live inside him." - Drew Barrymore

"I don't think people realized I had a vagina until this year or something." - Meredith Kachel

"Yup. Nothing like spending Christmas with a bunch of fucking hippies." -- Chris Bohlin

"You have to go crazy to become sane." - Meredith Kachel

"God gave men brains larger then a dog's, so they wouldn't hump women's legs at cocktail parties." - Sean Murphree

"Everytime I see your face....I see death." - Dan Aber

"Why did Ed Wood have to die? he could have shown this guy a thing or two about good movie making!" - Bill Dean

"I'm gonna go sleep, or kill myself, no idea what i'm gonna do after that movie." - Bill Dean

"The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them." - Katrina Cunnigham

"I think her over-use of vibrators has stirred her brains to the consistancy of cream-of-wheat." - Emily Dow

"That was more then retarded my friend. That was full blown down syndrom." - Bill Dean

"I'm Pattastic!" - Dan Aber

"You haven't lived until you've chugged a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Come to think of it, you probably haven't died until then, either." - Pete Drauden

"Goth clubs should serve coffee. Ice cold coffee. With nails and broken glass. And call them "depresso's." - Pete Drauden

"There is no cheese in the world finer than Brie cheese." - Thorsen

Zenedrin. Cashin in on Americas stupid." - Bill Dean

"Thats not burning! Thats freshness my friend!" - Bill Dean

"Drugs. The perfect excuse." - Thorsen

"Shaving with serated edges would not be a good plan. Not at all." - Bill Dean

"What!? you had the homeless buy you lunch!?!?!" - Bill Dean


"If i get nothing else out of life i wouldn't mind as long as i had a car." - Jesse Rogers

"Yeah, I go through pat withdrawls all the time...." - April Baxa

"I'd hate to see her waste all that jamie bashing potential." - Dominick Cerino

"Who needs shoes when you've got prostitutes?" - Dominick Cerino

"....that makes....very....very....very....very little sense." - Bill Dean

"...that was so fucking lame i think it stole my vision." - Bill Dean

"Happiness is like pissing in your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel it's warmth." - April Baxa

"Either i'm tired, or hopped up on narcotics, but that, was funny." - Bill Dean

"SHIT! It's like rat poison, with a kick!" - Zach Starr

"Dont talk about it too penis is starting to turn into the hulk." - Vince Sobotka