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Bad . . .

-Thanks to everyone who came out to Brian's Birthday show at Roosters Roadhouse. It was nothing short of insane. . .

-No offense Rooster's Roadhouse, but the Pound show on the 5th made Roosters look like the Iceoplex (inside joke). Thanks to Sharla for being born (it was her birthday) and setting the whole thing up. Saturday July 12th - Danville Grange

-Burden would like to Congradulate Superfan Trip Spietz for getting all his DUI charges dropped. Way to go Sir. Next time make sure your "taillights aren't out" before you go and blow a .08000000000000000001!!! Until next show!

-Burden, what are you doing these days? Hey thanks for asking!!! If you'd really like to know, we (Burden) are in the process of recording an 11+ track CD. We will have that out to you guys as soon as possible. In the meantime, come to one of our shows and check us out in all our majesty.

-Burden is Paul on vocals and guitar, Ricky on bass and backup, Saucy T on lead guitar, and Brian on Drums. Collect them all!!!!

-Check the Music section for Mp3's including the new songs, Another Story and Lived My Life. Also, Join our mailing list for shows, and our soon to be released new CD. This is too much! I can't take it! I've got to go!



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