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Blue Waters

DMB, Covers, and Originals


Rare Boyd and Alvin Chipmunk recording

00 – WWYS – Boyd and Alvin jam


DMB Covers 
Bartender <7:31> 6.89 MB
Crash Into Me

Cry Freedom <5:28> 5.01 MB

Granny <3:25> 3.14 MB

Granny II <3:05> 2.83 MB

Jimi Thing – The Best of What’s Around <4:40> 4.27 MB
Seek Up  <6:31> 5.97 MB 

What Would You Say?  <4:11> 3.85 MB

Autumn Days
Believe Me
If I Could Love Like You
Just Another Day
Never Again

Thoughts of You <3:35> 3.28 MB

Other Covers

Redemption Song – Bob Marley
Tangerine - Led Zeppelin
Why Georgia - John Mayer


All songs un-linked can be obtained by request:
AIM: IntrepidForever