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My Music This is a place where I will be putting some of my music to download. It's all mine, so nothing's illegal. I mean, unless you steal it and sell it or whatever. But you'd have to be a complete jerk to do that. And you're not a complete jerk, are you?

Double You Bee? The Doughnut Song

All songs are in WMA format, meaning you can play 'em on Windows Media Player. I tried to compress them as much as I could without damaging the audio quality too much, but it's not crystal clear. If you want to download these, just right click on them and choose "Save Target As..." You know the rest.

These are a couple of songs from the CD I just put out over Christmas, called "Between Hell and Somewhere." If I get enough requests, I might cycle through these files so that they're each available at some time. If you want a copy, let me know. I'm asking two bucks, to cover the expenses I incurred whilst recording (I'd have to sell a LOT of CDs to cover it all, but every little bit helps.)

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