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They're Looking to You

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Based on "I'm Looking Through You" (1965)
New lyrics written Thursday, May 1, 2003 @ 10:01 a.m.

They're looking to you, 'cause they don't know
just how a brownie should ought to go.
You are their teacher so lead the way.
They're looking to you; show how to bake.

The mixture's rising out of the bowl.
Be sure to handle your self-control.
It's just a brownie so curb your rage.
They're looking to you, so act your age.

Try, and then try again; you'll get it right.
All have potential to be brownie makers overnight.

You're looking to me for a little help.
You're doing fine, though, all by yourself.
The only difference is you're up here.
They're looking to you with eyes and ears.

Try and then try...
...brownie makers overnight.

They're looking to you to ask if how
they'll know the brownies will be done now.
You always told me someday you would
be whom they look to just like they should.
Yeah! 'Cause, baby, you're good.
Ah, they're looking to you.
Yeah, they're looking to you.