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That Means You're Not

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That Means You're Not (no file yet)

Based on "That Means a Lot" (1965)
New lyrics written Sunday, January 16, 2005 @ 11:58 p.m.

You hear your brownies never will be bought.
But you know brownies are all that you've got.
At times, things were so grand; you had a lot.
But now, with things not the same,
that means you're not.

A friend asks, "What are you prepared to do?"
You know your future is all up to you.
It all reaped in so much with just one shot.
But now, with more in the game,
that means you're not.

You could feel deep inside
company suicide.
You'd be in for a ride
to reveal what is real.

Again, you hear your brownies won't be bought.
But now you know it won't affect your thought.
You've quite made up your mind you will not rot.
And since brownies have sold,
that means you're not.

||: Can't you see, yeah.
Can't you see, yeah. :||