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Revolution 9

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Revolution 9

Number nine...number nine...number nine...

Hold on there's not deja vu. You have heard this song before. You heard it when you first stepped into my little Beatles world, here. Did you ever figger out all those thar "Paul is dead" clues? Person'ly, I think it's a bunch of horseshit myself. I mean, how could he be dead but still be more successfully solo than John, George, or that Ringo character? What kinda name is Ringo anyway? Anyway, I think there's a con-spear-see goin' on here. But I'm not aimin' to cause any trouble or make waves. It's just somethin' that's been on this country boy's mind.

This ain't the way I really talk. I just figured it'd be good for a laugh. I got two words for ya: REST STOP! So grab a coke, get a snack, and use the bathroom 'cause once we get back on the road, we ain't stoppin'!