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Penny Can't

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Penny Can't

Based on "Penny Lane" (1967)
New lyrics written Thursday, December 11, 2003 @ 11:16 p.m.

A penny can't afford a brownie. Though the baker laughs,
you can instead insist a bite on the go.
And all the brownies we've come to know,
as the children grow.

On the corner stands the bakery, "The Brownie Bar,"
where many children often come in for a snack.
The afternoon is when they're going back
to their home again -- any age.

Penny can't believe how years have changed their size
of brownies right before her very eyes.
What twit decided that?

A penny can't give you a brownie from the serving glass.
But if your pocket holds the accurate fee,
another brownie could be yours for free,
any one of these.

(Instrumental Break)

Penny can't believe how years have changed the size
of her brownie appetite
she's had for years gone back.

The heat is sweltering after the sun has come about.
The brownies aren't as fresh as earlier today.
And though the people come in anyway,
they get thrown away.

A penny can't start up a barter as a customer.
We see the baker and his patience running thin,
and, as if casually, he gives a grin
and tries to restrain -- pent up rage.

Penny can't believe...
...decided that?
Penny can't believe...
...her very eyes.
It's a shame.