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Ones We Ate Today

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Ones We Ate Today

Based on "Things We Said Today" (1964)
New lyrics written Wednesday, March 12, 2003 @ 8:34 p.m.

You know when I have to run down to the store,
you know what I've got when I walk through the door.
Chocolate oven brownies...
also made in the microwave.
Then we will remember the ones we ate today.

I say they'll be mine, girl, till the end of time.
These days, only five, girl, call for exercise.
At night, when I'm dreaming,
I'll wake up to another day.
And, I will remember the ones from yesterday.

Me, I never plan to stop;
I dare to dream and make a wish for me
to own a brownie shop,
but until that day,
I know that we

will make it through, dear, you and I alone.
We both share support here right down to the bone.
Someday, we will look back,
laughing from the brownie phase.
Then we will remember ones we ate today.