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Oh! Brownie

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Oh! Brownie

Based on "Oh! Darling" (1969)
New lyrics written Tuesday, March 25, 2003 @ 12:33 p.m.

Oh brownie, while you're steaming,
I've got to wait 'til you're warm.
Forever, I've had to smell you,
but I've got to wait 'til you're warm.

Oh brownie, don't decieve me,
while you're on top of the stove.
Believe me, I'm gonna check you
while you're cooling off on the stove.

If you're oldie, I will not eat you anymore.
And you know, to all your secrets, I'm wise.
If you're oldie, I'm gonna throw you out the door,
because I'm sick of tired of all these frickin' flies.

Oh brownie, just the feeling,
of how I've waited so long
to finally be able to eat you
is something I've wanted all along.
(Believe me, brownie.)

If you're oldie...
...frickin' flies.

Oh brownie, you're so pleasing,
and I'll never put you down.
(Oh, believe me brownie.)
I'm never gonna forget you,
at least 'til more brownies are done.