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Brownies at Noon

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Brownies at Noon

Based on "Rocky Raccoon" (1968)
New lyrics written Friday, February 20, 2004 @ 2:06 p.m.

Now somewhere in the back brownie mills of Dakota,
there lived a young boy where coming up soon-na
that one day the powers that be would soon reside,
with him as brownies multiply.
If it don't go as planned,
it just may as well destroy
the old way everyone in town,
looked at him and knew when the brownies had grew.

Brownies at noon,
served up in my room
is part of my day that is vital.
When brownies are done,
I'm first on the run,
swearing an oath on the Bible.

My nightmarish dreams,
come true when it seems
brownies don't tickle my fancy.
I wake in the night,
in horror and fright,
and grateful the dream isn't lasting.

My customized pan,
where brownies at hand,
are waiting until people slow down.
When aromas begin,
to enter within,
hold on, 'cause there will be a showdown.
But whether or not,
the brownies are hot,
there's always a few that are warmer.

(Instrumental Break)

Now the doctor came out,
his office in doubt,
and motioned to what's in the paper.
It said "Research can now be shown,
that brownies, when eaten alone,
will be better, definitely better
much sooner than later."

Approaching high noon,
I wait in my room;
brownies have become my ritual.
If ever I'm out,
with brownies en-route,
the day will become quite abyssmal.

(Do do do do do do do do do) etc.
(Come on brownie boy.) (Come on brownie boy.)
I need a brownie.