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None to Buy

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None to Buy

Based on "No Reply" (1964)
New lyrics written Monday, January 17, 2005 @ 8:24 p.m.

It happened at the store,
when I went back for more: none to buy.
They said there were a few
but I saw nothing through the window.
God knows I tried to make it on time.
Another truck'll take
at least a couple days. Disgrace.

A brownie when I'm home
is nice when I'm alone...not a lie.
But I look in the bin,
and all I see is tin; no more.
Why can't I find brownies to dine
upon. Tonight, I planned
to make a better pan to replace.

It made the news; no brownies in sight.
Not again. It's happened once or twice.
So I'll pretend I've eaten, tonight,
brownies for there won't be none to buy.

The past events have shown
I need to take my own damn advice
to stock up on a mix
to get my brownie fix for sure.
I'll have a smile whenever the aisle
looks like God took his hand
and wiped out every brand in the place.
None to buy. None to buy.