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No Brownies

Based on "Not Guilty" (1968)
New lyrics written Sunday, March 30, 2003 @ 1:47 a.m.

No brownies.
I'm sorry it's not the way,
that you wanted it today.
No brownies.
So just think of it as a test,
so just try to do your best.

Don't be sayin' nothin' smart
even though it's going through your head.
I'm really sorry for what you're gonna get,
but you should've known ahead.

No brownies.
No use handing me a line,
while you're tryin' to buy some time.

I don't expect to be a part,
of the scheme going through your head.
I'm sorry if you ain't been fed,
but 'til you make your bed,
no brownies.

No brownies,
for the chores you didn't do
and the way you've acted, too.
No brownies,
for leading me astray
with the lies you've yet to say.

You know I love you in my heart
although you know I'm angered in my head.
Well, you should know by now what lies ahead
from the times you heard me said,
no brownies.