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Maxwell's Brownie Timer

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Maxwell's Brownie Timer

Based on "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (1969)
New lyrics written Thursday, October 16, 2003 @ 6:23 a.m.

Joan was merrily,
studying the cul'nary textbook all alone;
there's all different ways to make snack foods.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Maxwell's fidgeting; brownies are diminishing
quickly from the home.
Have to go and get some more mixtures, tho-o-o-ough,
but soon an idea enters the mind:
he knows where Joan's tonight.

Ding, ding!
Maxwell's brownie timer has never lost a one.
Ding, ding!
Maxwell's brownie timer will go off when they're done.

Don't be fooled again, brownies have to cool again,
then you can enjoy
waiting hungrily while you smell the ste-e-e-eam.
Max needs just a day making brownies all the way
from another time,
and fifty years before when the tricks weren't to-o-o-old.
But when he wanders back to his youth,
he wakes up with a chime.

Ding, ding...
...when they're done.

(Instrumental Break)

The pan's a dirty one,
baking number 31 brownie just this week.
Waiting for the ultimate mixture, Oh-oh-oh-oh.
Rose and Valerie both would like a chance to be
Maxwell's for a day.
The timer's how the brownies are made just so-o-o-o.
But as the girls are reaching the mitts,
he shows up just in time.

Ding, ding...
...then they're done.

Brownie time again.