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I Will

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I Will

Based on "I Will" (1968)
New lyrics written Thursday, December 11, 2003 @ 5:17 p.m.

Some patience is a virtue,
when brownies need to chill.
Waiting seems like such a lifetime,
but you know for those, I will.

For when I always see them,
who's fault is there to blame?
It's the fact they're unattended
that provoke my thoughts to reign.

Brownies forever and forever,
my love will never part.
Brownies are never overrated;
resulting them off the chart.

So when a brownie finds you
there's no need to beware.
So be proud they never fear you.
Their whole purpose is to cheer you.
And if brownies you had made are for me,
I will love you still.
I will.
Ooo, --- la.