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It's Just a Brownie

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It's Just a Brownie

Based on "I'm Only Sleeping" (1966)
New lyrics written Saturday, March 29, 2003 @ 5:32 a.m.

When I get up early in the morning,
grab a bite with my coffee.
Brownies are my breakfast every day.
The sugar buzz leads the way.
(Leads the way.)
Nothing's changed since I have aged,
my mornings are the same; it's just a brownie.

Everybody seems to think I'm crazy,
'cause I still find the brownies tasty.
After all this time, it's still the same.
Without them now, I'll go insane.
(Go insane.)
Please don't think I'm strange or quite deranged
'cause after all, it's just a brownie.

Keepin' an eye on the oven inside its window.
Give it some time.
Lyin' on the couch and watchin' TV,
I'm waitin' for the oven's beeping.

I'm off work today, but due to rain,
I'll stay inside with just the brownies.

Keepin' an eye...
...give it some time.

In the morning, when I'm slowly waking,
I have the urge to do some baking.
When I recollect what's in my dream,
then I know what I need.
(What I need.)
Nothing's changed since I have aged.
My mornings are the same; it's just a brownie.