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I Should Have Made a Brownie

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I Should Have Made a Brownie

Based on "I Should Have Known Better" (1964)
New lyrics written Tuesday, April 1, 2003 @ 4:13 a.m.

I should have made a brownie you and I could share.
I didn't realize it'd be unfair
to be here and for you to be there.

Whoa, oh, I guess I'll make another I can give to you
so that you can have a brownie, too.
It's okay; don't be blue.

Be patient, there will be a brownie, oh,
headed on its way to you, oh.
Although I offered you a bite of mine,
you said you wanted one for you.

So, oh, I know for in the future what I must do.
I don't wanna hold out on you.
So my love, do you want a brownie, too?

Whoa, I, made you a surprise that I know you'll like;
close your eyes and you'll have a bite
of a brownie tonight.

Be patient... for you.

You want one, too.