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I'll Eat You

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I'll Eat You

Based on "I Need You" (1965)
New lyrics written Monday, November 24, 2003 @ 1:46 p.m.

Soon as you arrive today, I'll eat you.
I've been waiting all this time to have you.
I'm gonna have to be alone with you for me,
and eat you.

My doctor said a brownie every day, now,
could be the reason why I never go out.
I can't believe how fast right now becomes the past,
with brownies.

Oh yes, the brownies,
they're wrapped up and kept all in a bowl.
That's when it hit me, a hunger like this,
can have quite a grip on my soul.

I remember how when I first had you,
I knew I could never live without you.
Now, years on down the line, the brownies are all mine.
I'll eat you.

But when the brownies
are gone from the designated bowl,
that's when the feeling comes over me;
I fear I'll be losing control.

Can you spare a brownie? I'll repay you.
Even just a bite and I will thank you.
It's all I need to cure the fits that I've endured.
I need you.
To see you, to be you.