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Aren't They Good?

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Aren't They Good?

Based on "Norwegian Wood" (1965)
New lyrics written Wednesday, December 10, 2003 @ 4:40 a.m.

My brownies unfurl what takes all day;
baking 'til three.
She came from her room.
Aren't they good?
I knew they would.

She asked me if I could make brownies for her anytime.
I said, "I don't mind just as long as I claim some for mine."

She gave me a hug, said that was fine,
wondered what time
brownies would be through.
I shrugged and said,
"'Fore we go to bed."

(Instrumental Break)

She asked when she woke in the morning, would there be some left.
I said that there would; if there wasn't, then we need some help.

And, just like she spoke, when she awoke,
she claimed her own.
Brownies by the fire.
Aren't they good?
I knew they would.