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Fixing A Brownie

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Fixing A Brownie

Based on "Fixing a Hole" (1967)
New lyrics written Thursday, March 27, 2003 @ 4:04 p.m.

I'm fixing a brownie that might have been
a waste of food, so thankfully
it ain't been long.

I'm fixing a brownie that fell on the floor,
to stop it all from crumbling
and to be strong.

All I ever really wanted was a brownie
right here all along,
tonight here all along.
Every brownie sitting there
has often time and time again
been disregarded falling on the floor.
I'm painting the pan with a buttery spray,
so when they bake precisively,
they won't burn, no,
ooh-ooh uh-huh, hey hey hey.

All I ever really... all along.
Every brownie that I've found
I worry 'cause they never tell me
how a couple made it through the door.

I'm thinking that I can prevent everything
that happened here just yesterday,
with a new show.

I'm fixing a brownie that might have been,
a waste of food, so thankfully,
it ain't been long.
It ain't been long.