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Eight Brownies a Week

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Eight Brownies a Week

Based on "Eight Days a Week" (1964)
New lyrics written Thursday, March 27, 2003 @ 3:16 p.m.

Ooh, I need brownies, babe,
this I know is true.
They are all I'll need, babe,
if I don't have you.
Show me to the
bak'ry; brownies.
It's not hard to love eight
brownies a week.

I love them everyday, girl.
Brownies on my mind
help me start the day, girl,
to get to work on time.
Show me...
...brownies a week.

Eight brownie, please.
I only need to get through
this single week.
It's nearly not enough to share.

D'you know what I love, babe,
just as much as you?
It's something just as sweet, babe,
and plenty of it, too.
Show me...
...brownies a week.

Eight brownie...
...enough to share.

I always love the way, girl,
they aren't hard to find.
Brownies have a way, girl,
to make you feel so fine.
Show me...
...brownies a week.
Eight brownies a week.
Eight brownies a week.