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A Day in My Life

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A Day in My Life

Based on "A Day in the Life" (1967)
New lyrics written Tuesday, November 25, 2003 @ 11:57 a.m.

I baked a brownie batch, oh boy,
it's just an average pan that makes my day.
Though I forgot to use the spray,
surprisingly, they came out well.
And my apartment doesn't smell.

He ate the brownies in the car,
he didn't mind that many crumbs would fall.
And in the creases of the seat,
it would collect them all.
Now we really know why
all the ants would gather 'round the door.

I saw a billboard sign, oh boy,
a different brownie's on the market now.
While crowds of people form a line,
I know I'll have to look,
and write it in my book.
But I'll keep moving on.

I wake up when I crave another brownie that I have saved.
Get a glass of milk and have a cup,
and picking up all the crumbs that I have made.
Grab my coat, I'm going out.
Catch the bus, 'cause I'm about,
to make my round to the grocery store.
"There are no more brownies," I heard someone scream.
Ah, -- ah, -- ah, -- ah, -- ah.

I picked the paper up, oh boy,
Four thousand brownies found in captive here.
And though one man would take the blame,
He hung his head in shame.
Every brownie disappeared was quite accounted for and claimed.
And now our life goes on.