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Chocolate Love

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Chocolate Love

Based on "Real Love" (1995)
New lyrics written Wednesday, June 11, 2003 @ 12:52 p.m.

All my little snacks and meals,
have somehow lost all appeal.
If I had a chocolate brownie;
my dream would come true.
Look at all the girls and boys,
munchin' on what they enjoy.
Seems like all I really was doing,
was wanting one, too.

Wanting to eat them all...
wanting to eat them all...
It's chocolate love. It's re-e-e-e-eal.
Yes, it's chocolate love. It's re-e-e-e-eal.

From this moment on, I know,
exactly what I'm living for.
Seems that all I really am needin'
is something I love.

Anywhere, anytime,
the brownies are on my mind.
It's chocolate love...'s re-e-e-e-eal.

I thought I'd had enough before,
but now, I want them more and more.
Seems they're gonna drive me to ruin,
so what should I do?

Whenever I'm on the phone,
or just hangin' 'round the home,
It's chocolate love...'s re-e-e-e-eal...