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Brownie Log

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Brownie Log

Based on "Hey Bulldog" (1968)
New lyrics written Saturday, May 17, 2003 @ 5:24 p.m.

Been logged, soaking in the rain.
It's wrong it's happenning again.
To get home from my work, it covers many miles.
I need a drink, and something special for a smile.

I might undergo a plan,
to try a brownie once again.
A little essence and experience in years,
combine to mix up something special for us here.

You take what you need,
you take what you need,
you take what you need.
When you're hungry, take off what you need.

My friend, sitting in the dark,
you've been, chipping at the bark.
Some kind of side effect is coming out in you.
The fact you're seeing colours ought to be a clue.

You take what...
...what you need.

Brownie log...
Brownie log...
Brownie log...