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In the summer of 1992, we started a drum group to have fun while being away from home, which is Arizona. Today we are known as Bearspring (Shush-bi-toh)meaning Bear's spring(water)in Dine'. Bearspring was choosen because we were from Shush-bi-toh in Arizona. We also had a Great-Grandfather who's name was Hosteen Shushbitoh. He was a man with great wisdom, and many teachings and, a medicine man as well. In that respect we carry on that name. In the summer of 1992, we went to our first pow wow in Cailfornia, Morongo Feed Store to be exact. There we borrowed a drum from a group that were traveling through, on there way back to Phoenix. The four of us, Roland, Randy, and our good friend Roy Smallcanyon got together and set up that drum. Now we have many other singers that shared the same feelings sitting around that drum. We never thought we would begin a journey full of fun and, lots of experience. If i had to do it all over i would. We have traveled far and near, met lots of good people. Some have turned out to be an inspiration, and mentors. We hold much respect to all of those we crossed paths with. Today we have learned to look at singing in a whole new way. Pow wow is now a big part of our lives, and it is part of a our families. We all have shared many laughters, and some good songs. We enjoy what we do, which is try to sing for the dancers. Much of the thanks we have, goes to all the pow wow people, and the dancers. To those who have encouraged us to continue on. Hope to see you all on the trail................Glen

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