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Bearspring True Bios
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Origin – Southern California

Current Occupation – Ring Leader and founder of Underground Native Mafia (UNM) in California

            He got recruited into the mafia ring, during a high school football game, by stabbing a player during the game. Soon after, he got recruited in the Arm forces to further his training over sea in Vietnam to learn the art of underground training camps. After his return, he learned the ropes of the Italian mafia in the streets of LA. This is where he started the two famous gangs, Bloods and the Crips. Once he got a taste of success in the world gaming he organized his own ring of underground mafia. Now he owns the biggest gaming ring. He controls all of the underground operations of all the Indian casinos in the state of California. He is the most feared man in the world of organized crimes, and negotiates all of the gaming compacts for all gaming tribes. It is rumored that he is responsible for getting Governor Gray Davis out of office, and getting Arnold in to office to regain control of his kick backs from the state taxes. All gaming Decisions is made by him and only him.


Origin – Southern California

Current Occupation – Second in Command, Number one hit man for UNM.

He got recruited into UNM in the early 80’s, during a baseball game, by hitting an umpire with a baseball bat. For training, he went through rigorous training by doing drive bys all over the streets on SoCal. Now government officials fear him for being the fiercest of all drug lords and, warlords. He carries out all the negations for gaming regulations and see to it that is done accordingly. He was highly influenced by the movie Casino and the all time favorite The God Father. On his spare time he hustles on the golf courses and pool halls. 


                        *.. Both have made the FBI’s top 10 most wanted.



Origin – Whittier

Current Occupation – fellowship of the ring, his destiny is to destroy the one ring of all Evil.

He believes there is a ring of such, and currently taking application for members to take part in the quest to destroy the one ring. His journey is to begin from LA to Flagstaff where in think the elves live in the mountains of San Francisco peak. There he will join up with the rest of the fellow ship of the ring. From there he must first battle the Orcs, which roam the street of Gondor also known as Gallup. After that quest is complete he must continue on to the battle of Helms Deeps at Red Rock State Park during the Gallup Ceremonials. Next he must journey to the tower Baradur, which is the white tower of Navajo Shopping Center. If he survives he then must head west to fight the dragons of P&M coal mine. Finally he meets his destination in Window Rock. He believes that the ring of all Evil is in the heart of Navajo land. The ring is window rock itself.  This is why the tribal government is in turmoil and corruption. Once he destroys the ring he must take part of that ring and destroy on the mountain of Shiprock, and dispose some of it into the San Juan River.



Origin – Oklahoma

Current Occupation – Evangelist, occult leader

He started the biggest religious movement with in the Indian country. Now, it has spread throughout the United States and Canada. The movement started in his home state of Oklahoma.  This movement is famously known as the “49”. Out of all occult leaders, and evangelist, through out the world he has the biggest followers. Not even the pope can compete with the number of people in his movement. His goal is to have this movement spread throughout the whole world.



Origin – Unknown

Occupation – Unknown

There is a legend from the Navajo Rez, as it is told of such a man. When he was young, he had fallen in love, with a girl that he met at a graveyard, and then landed him in jail. After serving time for stealing a Big Hunk candy bar, he started living his passion, Rodeo. He eventually became the undisputed champion bronc rider. One day after riding the only unriden bronc he disappeared into the mountains towards west, San Francisco Peak. Now he lives in Southern California to remain unknown. This is the man people only hear of in songs and legends. He is Chizzii.



Origin – South Dakota

Current Occupation – Consultant, producer, and promoter

            He is the mastermind behind the following series on cable network:

                        American Chopper

                        Monster Garage

                        Junkyard wars

                        Monster house

                        Monster Machines

            During his time off he consults OCC, and West Coast Choppers for new designs and fabrications. He transformed his tricycle into a chopper at the age of five. By doing so, he has revolutionized the world of choppers from that very day. In this honor, chopper lovers from all over the world unite in his home state each year in Sturgis, South Dakota.



Origin – Fry bread capital of the world, the REZ

Current Occupation – Master Chef

Got started as a chef at the age of five. Eggs were his specialty, because he could not live with out having eggs for breakfast. There after were squaw dances, and yei bi chi. He holds the only triple peat crown of the fry bread championship for the Navajo Nation Fair. He has won many culinary awards through out the world. He has made special appearances in the following shows.

            Martha’s Kitchen

            Emeril Live

            Boy meets Grill – Bobby Flays

            Barefoot Contessa

            Iron Chef

He is the only chef that has defeated all four iron chefs, with a mutton and fry bread cook off.



Origin – From the mysterious hidden dam

Current occupation - Master butcher, Doctor of sheep and cattle anatomy

He is the fastest in west with his pocketknives. His best time on record for butchering a sheep is 4 min 13 seconds. This is also the world record. He now holds an annual conference teaching about his secretes of how you also can hold such ability. This is not the only thing he is good at, he also designs different cutlery, which are sold on the home shopping network. All of his designs can be bought at a special deal. All 125 of his designs. He is a legend in his own way, and it is rumored that he once butchered over 25 sheep in one afternoon at a squaw dance. He first, got a taste of his talent skinning a rabbit, while herding sheep. His goal is to own distribution center to export mutton world wide. Fresh or frozen. He is also known for inventing the machine for wrapping the Navajo delicatessen, intestine wrapper. He has written two books, of them is the famous 101 ways to use Duct Tape, and Duct Tape for Dummies.



Origin – Mexico, but claims the Navajo Rez

Occupation -  coyote, importing illegal across the border.

Influenced by the cartoon charater Willie E. Coyote. Also the movie, born in East L.A. as a young man he learned the art of smuggling, by stealing from his grandma. He then moved on to horses and cattle, which gave more profit then sheep. He was motivated the the risk and higher steaks, so he moved on to illeagals. During his success raiding horses and cattle, he started the bootlegging with in the Rez, also as a challenge, because he knew the risk was high. Soon he will move on to the Casinos in Vagas, and try his luck there as a pimp, and franchise the bootlegging industry. Aside for this, he is the god father of all NASCAR, and NHRA




 Origin – Pinion (Center of the Galaxy in his mind)

Current occupation – Wanna be Jedi, mastering the art of skin walking for time travel.

He roams the galaxies to become the first native Jedi. He also moved his herd of sheep to the planet of the Ewoks….. At this time the Ewoks are taking care of his herd. Now they are the second best sheepherders next to the Navajos. He travels the universe with his body guard who once was, a loyal sheepdog, which happens to be Chewbacca. He has been greatly influenced by his Chei’ (Yoda), who is now his mentor. At this moment he is battling his home planet form Jubbadahut, who is the leader and importer of boot legging.

            Here are some of his famous quotes:

                        You might be a Navajo Jedi if:

                        You can butcher with your light saber

                        Every time you see Chewbacca, and think he is a skin walker

                        Call Yoda shi Chei (grandpa)

                        Herd sheep with your speeder

                        Chapter president is considered as an emperor


Lee AKA Chucka Littlewolf

Origin - Land of the Lost>


Origin - near the sacred mountains of Shiprock.

Current occupation – Prophet

Has great knowledge of world peace, and global evolution. According to him, he is the only one that really knows that truth behind the war on terror and Iraq. The truth is that Osoma got enraged because he found out that the Navajos owned more sheep then all the people of Middle East. That is the truth behind the treat of terrorist. He also predicts my futures. His role model has always been Nustrodumos. His famous prediction was that one day the commod cheese would be distributed in slices, instead of blocks. His next predictions are:

            Commod beef will be distributed in jerky style.

            The next great tribal president will be the great Navajo Jedi Melvin.

            The great legend Chizzii will be revealed in the next decade.

            Commodes will be microwavable, distributed as TV diners