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This summer was once again spent at HMCS Acadia, it was great!:)I earned my level 3's in both playing and theory. I made some great friends, and a lot of hilarious memories (watch out for the starch Laura!) If you want to see my course picture click here! Let me know what else I could add to this page by e-mailing me! :) Hope to see you all next summer!I have to add one more thing...I LUV U GUYS SO MUCH!!! I WISH I COULD GO BACK TO CAMP...To all of Intermediate's Staff Cadets (Erin, Jason, NIcole, Alison and Roger) Plus our officers, you guys were the best!!! All the band staff was so awesome this year! :) I hope they let air cadets back next year!! Staff would be oh soo funny!!Just to let everyone know, Erin's guestbook entry is a LIE! *haha* I simply asked her for a picture...and that's what she did!!! Also I've added a new site, I'm sure you'll notice! *hehe* Anyways, I got Band Staff!! :) See you guys again this summer. There's a new page of the staff cadets at the bandhouse so far. And what they play. Enjoy! Luv u guys! :)

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Band Staff!

This is Steve, me, and Angela in the photo booth in the Avalon mall!! :)


Staff Formal!

At The Blocks!


Just Everyday Stuff!

The Bandhouse!

I also have some other pages, if you would like to check them out! :)

Quotes from this summer!

Our Songs!

Remember When...

Becca's Song!

**NEW** Cutest Couple!!!

What I thought about Band 2002! :)

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