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VGI Innovations

Way back in 1988, I started a little business called VGI Innovations. I put drawings of animals and people on bikes and printed them on T-Shirts, stickers, Dog Tags and sweats. I put ads in BMX and Freestyle Magazine and sponsored people to go to BMX races and Freestyle contests to promote my product. It went really well for a while. Around this time, BMX and Freestyle bikes were not as popular as they had been for the past ten years. Mountain bikes were on their way to becoming the big rage. Instead of catering to the Mountain Bike scene, I stopped putting effort into VGI as a bicycle clothing business.

At this time in my life, I had been designing bindery machines and infrared door locking systems for 5 years using computers to complete projects. I became very interested in how computers worked and started building my own by buying all of the individual components and attempting to construct it. With a lot of determination and by asking lots of questions, I built my first computer. Ever since then, I have been involved with computers and software.

I started doing side projects from my home using my computer and AutoCAD software. I printed up brochures and delivered them to all of the local industrial parks hoping to drum up some business. I was able to create a small client list. At times I would be working all day and all night to complete projects. Other times I would go for weeks at a time without any workload at all.

Over the years I attended computer classes to obtain a CNE (Certified Network Engineer) at Moraine Valley College as well as Certifications in AutoCAD and recently Intergraph Solid Edge 3D modeling. The Solid Edge training included, 3D part creation, 3D assemblies, document control and conventional design.

Now I have a small list of clients that I provide computer installations and repairs for. Most of the work involves new system setup and configurations as well as hardware installations and upgrades. Setting up new software packages and creating web pages are also included in my portfolio.





New System Setup.

Engineering Documentation.

Software Setup And Troubleshoot.

Various Network Setup.

Internet service Setup and Config.

Training and Tutoring.