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We are currently in the studio recording 4 new songs at Cloudland Studio (The band at Cloudland Below)


Our Latest Release "What Next?" is now available.

A little insight to our CD titled "The Addiction"

In the Studio 1997

In January of 1997 John met up with a film major student through a friend. For this guy's final project he asked if he could make a music video of us and use it for his final grade. The band was more than willing to do a music video. The band spent a lot of time filming the different scenes for the video. We (The Band) decided to go into the studio and record the song that we were going to use for the music video. We recorded the song in one night and sent it to this guy to use in his video footage. To make a long story short, The video turned out to be really lame. The good think was that we got started on a new release.

We had spent a year and four months making this recording. There were some times when we had a lot of gigs booked, so we couldn't get into the studio for a few weeks here and there. We had also started from scratch a few times because we were not satisfied with our performance and we wrote a lot of the songs while we were in the studio.

All of us had put forth a lot of effort to make this disc a recording to be proud of. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Brian Eaton of Eatin' Records. Brian has been honest and offered some great ideas in areas we weren't too familiar with. All of us are happy with the outcome of the songs.

"Alone and Cold" which has been on our last two recordings, will be on "The Addiction" also. John came up with some great ideas in the vocals to enhance the song. Alone and Cold seems to gain a great response at our shows so we decided to change it up and add a little more groove to it. The last recording of Alone and Cold did not portray the way we do the song live. The latest version is definitely bigger sounding.

All of us in the band are anticipated the release of "The Addiction". We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Listen to some samples of "The Addiction!"

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