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The A-Souls

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Musicians

Reprint of an article published by Craig Ennenbach for Columbia College

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The A-Souls - "A strange mix of Metal, Hard Rock, Funk/Jazz, with a bit of Thrash thrown in for good measure", is how The A-Souls' drummer John Vasquez describes his band. "That's just a really stripped down description" says Vasquez. With band influences running the gamut from Prince to Pantera, it's safe to say that "stripped down" is a good word indeed. It's also safe to say that The A-Souls is not your average band. As a band The A-Souls have been together for about 10 years. But as friends, the core of the band has known each other for about 13 years. Friends throughout high school, Scott Kitzman, John Stepanek, and Scott Wolford hung out, "rose hell", and and messed around in a couple of bands that eventually became The A-Souls. After high school, they began to play the Chicago club circuit. In May of 1992, Their current drummer had to be released due to "personal reasons", and they met up with John Vasquez, a drummer they had met at one of their earlier shows. After this they had what Kitzman calls a "new beginning", and a "whole new band". Things moved quickly from here, mostly because of Vasquez trying to move the band in terms of popularity. Vasquez learned fast and in May of 1993, FUSE played to a standing room only crowd at Malo's, an old club haunt. Here they released their third demo, "Alone and Cold", which was recorded at CRC Studios. With The A-Souls being the only serious band they've all played in, The A-Souls are a family as much as a band. The A-Souls are currently shopping their Full Length CD to perspective record companies and performing at a variety of nightclubs in the Chicagoland area. For more information about the band, how you can obtain a CD, and a list of future club dates, contact The A-Souls at:

The A-Souls are being played by local college, high school and public stations in the Chicagoland area.
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