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Influences from Jazz to Thrash

We are all about playing music and having a great time

The A-Souls have been a band for several years. The A-Souls' line-up is made up of a Bass player, Drummer, 2 - Guitar players and a Vocalist. The members of The A-Souls are the best of friends which helps a great deal when the band spends long hours rehearsing.

Rehearsals are scheduled three times a week for about three hours each night. That's a lot of practice time compared to many bands. Practice subjects range from currently written songs to new creations, cover tunes and miscellaneous jam nights where anything goes. Regardless of what The A-Souls are playing, the band always has a great @#&ng time.

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John . . . . . "Vocals"  Scott . . . ."The Guitarist"

  Eric . . ."The Guitarist" Scott . . ."The Bassist"

John "Chris". . ."The Drummer and Percussionist"

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