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Influences: A to Z

After Graduating from G.I.T., Eric jammed with a variety of different bands and musicians. Eric discovered that being versatile can be a curse as well as a blessing. It was difficult to find the right situation that was a blend of all the styles and influences of music that he wanted to play. Eric was on a quest to challenge himself musically and keep his chops fresh while searching for the ideal bandmates. Being a hired gun and the occational fill in was not how he intended on utilizing his talent. Eric began coming to the A-Souls rehearsals on Saturdays to jam and hang out. Eric has been a great friend of the band for many years. As time went on, Eric became more comfortable with the band and vice-versa. Now Eric has joined us and we couldn't be happier. The band is now stronger and tighter than ever. Eric adds the style and finesse that puts us that much closer to greatness.


Eric has been playing the guitar since as long as he can remember. Eric is a G.I.T. Of Hollywood graduate.

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