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My Canine Companions

Happy Family

Three of my Very best friends

My Dogs like to make me happy and they do a great job of it

I have three dogs. Their names are Raficki, Bravo and Disco. Raficki is a miniature poodle and Bravo and Disco are retired racing greyhounds.

My dogs are very special to me. They get me up at 5:30 every morning to go for their daily walk/jog during the summer. The dogs and I are extending the distance of our morning journey each day. As of right now we walk and jog about a mile and a half in the morning. I am hoping to build the distance up to a few miles in the morning and a few miles in the evening. The dogs seem to love it and I think they will like spending more time each morning together. I am very suprised that the three get along so well considering the size and personallity differences. I had Raficki first and he is very jealous and protective of me. I wasn't sure Bravo would be welcome when he became part of the family. The first day was a little rough. But Raficki and Bravo have become great companions to each other and me. Now they hate being separated

I am very happy that I rescued Raficki from the Humane Society. Bravo and Disco are from the dog racetrack in Kenosha Wisconsin.



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