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Disco, My Girl Greyhound

The Majority of Greyhound owners say that once you own a Greyhound, you can't help but get another. I have to agree. After having Bravo for 4 years, I headed up to the Dairyland Racetrack in Kenosha Wisconsin to adopt yet another pooch.

Disco is very different than Bravo in many ways. Yet they are very similar in a lot of ways also. Disco is very quiet and reserved. She does not have a mean bone in her body. She is as close to a perfect dog as you can get. She is always happy. She's not finicky about food or treats. Disco is very sensitive. I never have to raise my voice to her. She is very smart and she loves Bravo and Raficki very much. The three of them can eat from the same bowl and take turns grabbing a mouthful of food without growling or fighting.

Disco had an easier time adjusting to life outside the racetrack. She had Bravo and Raficki to learn from. Disco learned both good and bad habits from the other 2 dogs.








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