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The Gear of A-Souls' Drummer

The List


Premier "Resonator" 16 x 24" Bass Drum (2)

Premier "Resonator" 16 x 18" Floor Tom

Premier "Resonator" 16 x 16" Floor Tom

Premier "Resonator" 11 x 13" Rack Tom

Premier "Resonator" 10 x 12" Rack Tom

Premier "Resonator" 9 x 10" Rack Tom

Premier "Resonator" 9 x 8" Rack Tom (actually I don't use this one anymore)

Premier "Resonator" 6 1/2 x 14" Snare (My backup)

Tama Lars Ulrich Signature series Snare (My main Snare drum)

Paiste "Signature Series" 8" Splash

Paiste "Signature Series" 18" Mellow Crash

Paiste "Signature Series" 18" Power Crash

Paiste "Signature Series" 22" Full Ride

Sabian "AAX" Studio 14" Crash

Paiste Signature Dark Crisp 13" Hi-Hats

Sabian "A-A" 18" Fast China

Zildjian "A" Rock 19" Crash

Wuhan 18" China

Zildjian 24" Gong

Tama/Gibralter Rack Components

Tama/Gibralter Cymbal Booms

Tama Throne Stand with Roc-N-Soc Seat

Axis Bass Drum Pedal (2)

DW Hi-Hat Stand

Premier "Rod Morganstein Series" Drum Heads (Tom Batters)

Evans EQ Resonant Drum Heads Black (Tom Bottoms)

Evans EQ-2 Drum Heads Black (Bass Drum Batters)

Aquarian Black Regulator with no hole (Bass Drum Fronts)

AKG 411 Bass Drum Mics Mounted in Bass Drums (2)

AKG C408 Tom Mics (6)

AKG C409 Headset Vocal Mic with B9 Power Supply

Shure SM57 Mic for Snare With LP Mic Claw

Shure SM57 Mic for Gong With a mini mic stand thats rack mounted

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