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My Feathered Friends

Best Friends

Little Bodies........Big Hearts

My birds are very special to me. They sing and play constantly. They seem happy all of the time. They are all beautiful, and fun to watch.

I now have 1 African Grey Parrotand two parakeets. I lost two of my best feathered friends a few years ago. Remo, my first bird whowas a parakeet with a unique, fun, loving and gentle personality. And Nuno, my Violet Naped Lory which I rescued from a pet shop that kept this extremly active parrot in a cage that was much to small for his lifestyle. Nuno needed a lot of love and patience. I gave him his space and when he was ready to get close to me and let me pet him, feed him by hand and scratch his head, I was extremely happy to earn his trust. Nuno and I became great friends and more trusting of each other as time went on. It tore me up inside when he died.

Nuno and Remo preening.

Nuno and Juliet hanging out.

                                              Java, my African Grey Parrot.

Nuno my Violet Naped Lory.

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