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Relax and Party!

For many years the members of the band have taken an annual vacation down to Arkansas. Scott W. has a summer home down there and a Kick Ass Ski Boat. A 5th person comes down with the band every year. Who it is, changes every year.
Partying, water skiing, toobin', exploring the 1000 miles of shoreline, and eating like kings sum up what it's like when the band goes down there. We usually get up around 10:00 a.m. and while Scott and Chris go into town to fill up the fuel tanks in the boat, John and Scotty cook up a huge breakfast. We usually go shopping the first day we're down there and stock up on tons of Alchohol and supplies.

The trip in June of 95' was an experiance before we even started to head down to Arkansas. Tim, Scotty, and Travis insisted that the beer for the trip be purchased up here in Chicago because it's cheaper and Arkansas is "Dry" on Sundays (No Alchohol can be sold on Sunday). Our transportation down was a new Caravan and we had done our food shopping already up here and the van was packed tight. We drove to the liquor store and Scotty, Tim and Travis bought 10 Cases of beer. The van was already packed with too much stuff. Scotty and Tim managed to fit 2 cases in the van and tied the other 8 to the roof of the van using string they got from the guy at the counter. Scotty and Tim wrapped the cases on the roof with black garbage bags and tied more string around the bags. The van was so overloaded that the rear bumper would scrape every time we hit a bump. The more we drove, the more that the garbage bags were tearing from the wind. We checked and tightened the strings holding the cases everytime we stopped for food or gas. Somehow we made it all the way (10 hours) to Arkansas without getting pulled over.

When the band is down in Arkansas we're out on the lake for at least 8 or 9 hours. Each of us turns out looking like a lobster by the end of the first day there.

John ended up getting poison ivy a couple of years ago when he and Chris fell down a mud slide on the side of a cliff and landed in a huge area of sticker bushes and poison ivy.


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