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 Amin Samy
The Warm Voice of The Nile

The New Egyptian Music   "At Its Best"

         Welcome to Amin Samy's Website                         "عربي  "إضغط هنا   








































        Your love for Amin Samy's voice brought you here. I hope that you will enjoy your visit.

        This website is continuously updated with new material, so come visit us again and again.

        I suggest that you click on the Music link under the Menu. There, you will find all of Amin's albums, plus some

        rare recordings that have never been heard before.

       ** New Updates**

         * On October 9th, the Arabic website was launched.

         * On January 3rd, 2004 "Private Recordings" page was updated with two more rare recordings.

         * On December 24th, 2003  I posted  "Amin Sings with The Arabic Ta5t", this is a Very Rare Recording                

             for Amin where he sings with The Classical Arabic Ta5t.                                                                    

         * On August 5th, 2003 the "Private Recordings" page was updated.

         * On August 11th, 2003 the "Single Songs Page" was updated

         * The quality of the streaming was upgraded this week to a much better sound quality, check it out.

         * Amin Samy's new album "Yale Nasenee" was released on July 31st, 2003.

         * On September 27th, 2003 the GuestBook was added to the website, feel free to sign it and let me

             know what you think of the website, and if you have any requests.

         * On November 1st, The New release "Yale Nasenee" was posted, enjoy listening to Amin's

             new album. Click on this link to watch his newest video "Te3mel Eah".  


       *  On November 15th, 2003 Three more rare private recordings were added to the Private Recording page,

           and I'm in the process of adding many more periodically. "Private Recordings"


         For any questions regarding this website, you can contact me at



      This Website was developed and is maintained by Alfonse S. Refela.