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July 11, 2000

Age: 18




New York, USA

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// 4our*1ne*1ne* //

"what you put into love, you never lose
what you put in your heart, you never forget"

"i`ve learned alot over the years.. from friendships to relationships.. heart breaks to flourishin new feelings..everything happens for a reason.."


name // A.J.
age // 18
livin` // 416
status // solo
pix ** everywhere..

current mood // looking at something new for once..
msn: ask me
// being creative.. thesimplest things for me, are mind boggling for others... weird noi?

my tune @ 3:09 am on 04.12.03
current song

song has no real meaning
just a good tune*
artist: tyrese
title: miss you like mad

last tunes*
artist: GM
title: if i knew
artist: usher
title: nice and slow
artist: jp
title: i wont cry no more
artist: dnh
title: when you love someone


"a tear is all i will let go, because that is all i want to show, a simple tear.. with great meaning and the understanding that love will forever be contained in my heart for you"

- aj

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On 02.12.03@5:32am

so this is it.. finally made a decision on something.. and im glad i did.. been thinkin so much bout it lately.. that i believe i thought bout everything .. the good.. the bad.. and anything relevant to be exact.. what i do in my future is for me..
styl lookin for a job.. damn.. i need to earn some cash fast.. christmas is cominup and i dont even have a penny in my pocket.. i feel bad... hardly go outnow too.. unless its w/ my bro cuz he uses his car(s) .. wish i had gotten my g1 earlier then this year.. i`d have my own car by now.. summer is my nxt goal.. wish me luck ppl.. (crx, prelude `93, celica `93.)
i need some help puttin more stuff on my page.. if u got any ideas.. notez me k?.. arites.. well im outta hea.. - aj

mad fixing.. brb

buzzed my hair, recent pix*
gettin` rdy to go out

well thats my page
thanks for hittin it up
give me some respex n sign mah


or check mah other page

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