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After School & Enrichment Programs
Assembly Programs
A 45 - 60 minute performance introduces the audience to 20 - 30 hand built musical instruments from around the world. The performance includes a narrative story designed to show students how musical instruments are used to enhance and bring to life the characters in the tale. This program utilizes literature, art, music and drama to help students gain more knowledge of various cultures and their folk instruments. Both the stories and the instruments are creations of Jackie and Gino Zenobia.

Maximum number of students should not exceed 150 per assembly
Assembly programs are a prerequisite for the Hands on Playing Workshop

1 performance $275.00
2 performances $400.00 (back to back)
2 performances $450.00 (more than 1 hour apart)
3 performances $500.00
4 performances $575.00
Hands on Playing Workshop
A one-hour program that allows students who have seen the assembly program an opportunity to create the soundtrack of the story using the instruments provided by the Zenobias. Reading and language skills such as listening, retelling, sequencing of events, cause/effect, etc. are incorporated into this workshop.
Maximum number of students should not exceed 20 per workshop

(Perquisite: Assembly program)
Instructional fee $195.00 per workshop

Building Instruments Workshop A 75-minute building workshop that includes all materials and tools students will need to build musical instruments. Age and skill level is the main considerations for determining which instruments are selected. Areas in science such as high and low pitch sounds, definition of friction and vibration are discussed to enhance the building process.
Maximum number of students should not exceed 20 per workshop
Prep. work and materials $10.00 per student
Instructional fee $245.00 per workshop