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Name: Kan Mi Youn 간미연
Nicknames: Mosquito-meal, Sumurf, Sick rabbit
Birthday: 1982.2.2
School: SeongDuk commercial high schoolá Third grade
Family: Lastborn
Hobbies: Listen sad song, Read a collection of poems
Speciality: Pop ballad
Height/Weight: 170cm/47kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Buddhism
Attractive Point: Eyes, Teeth
Fav thing abt herself: cheeks
Fav Perfumes: Lpagenzo, Bubury, CK, SOLO
Sleeping Habit: Do Model Poses
Motive for joining VOX: Just to sing
Childhood Dream: Wonderful Wife
Fav Colours: Black, White, Pastel tone
Fav Actors: Wooseong Jeong, Leonardo Dicaprio
Fav Singer: Jeonghyun Park
Treasure Most: Her fans
Stress reliever: Laugh
Bad Habit: Always touch her fringe
Ideal Guy: Gentle Man style and A hero in Movie
Determination: Always do it best when we get a star
Before VOX: CF Model
Personality: Easygoing, is a + & also a -
First Love: 4years old
Dislike Colours: Dull Colours
Fav Music: Lively Music
Instrument she plays: Traditional Korean Drums & Bass
Do You Know?

Mi Youn works very slow. She is the sleepyhead in the group & eats everything that people
give her (edible)!!!












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