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Who are they? They are one of the best girl group in Korea.
Their name is Baby V.O.X , V.O.X means Voices of eXpression. This group
has undergo quite some changes in their members. And the picture on the
above is the steady ones... After you have read the history which is @ the bottom, you will know about their history! Who are the members now? Look
at the above picture, from left, Kan Mi Youn, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Hee Jin,
Shim Eun Jin, Kim EZ. Kim EZ is the eldest & the leader of the group
while Hee Jin, the second oldest, holds the lead singer position



On a day in the summer of 1997, Baby V.O.X was born...... They first debut
with a album with hit song, Muh Ri Ha Neun Na (Haircut). But the result
was #47 on the KPOP charts only. Hence, two members from the original Baby V.O.X left the group, one member of the group was then replaced by our KanMi Youn. Shim Eun Jin & Lee Gai were then invited to replace the two members who have left.
Who knows? Baby V.O.X were back in 1998 with album <YaYaYa> and the
second hit song, <Change> came in #7 on the KPOP charts. Miracle?!
And the style of Baby V.O.X in this album was a cute & energetic one.
Lee Gai had been kicked out of Baby V.O.X because her image is not
suitable for the group despite all her talents. Yoon Eun Hye then replaced Lee Gai
In 1999, vox is back again with their hit song <Get Up>. This song
attracted lots of fans to love vox! And the album came in #1 in KBS
Later in 2000, 4th album with hit song <WHY> was released. The MV
for Why was shot in China so the scenario is very good! The style of vox
for this album was very sexy & feminine. This album then make them way
up to one of the best girl groups in Korea, with Fin.K.L & S.E.S



The stylish cool
boyish Baby V.O.X is back with <Boyish Story> with super funky
hit song <Game Over> & 2nd hit song, <In Hyung>, A must to have it!

The album which
made vox one of the best girl group in KPOP is <WHY> and hit
songs like <Baeshin>!! <Patron> was the song for
Gundress & with GoodBye Special <Huh Rak>

The song which
attracted ears from fans is <Get Up> and the stylish &
cool 2nd hit song <Killer> with the GoodBye special
<Missing You>

The 2nd album from
vox which make them more sucessful <YaYaYa> with 2nd hit song

The first album
from vox, with title song, <<Hair Cut>>



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